6. VDI Thin Client Deployment

Deployment of EncloudEn thin client on client system.

6.1. Step 1:

Install latest version of fedora xfce from https://spins.fedoraproject.org/xfce/download/index.html and follow below steps after making bootable USB from ISO which is downloaded from given link.

6.1.1. Select ‘Start Fedora-Xfce-Live 29’ and press Enter


6.1.2. After booting click on ‘Login In’


6.1.3. Then main desktop screen shows, double click on ‘Install to Hard Drive’ option from Desktop


6.1.4. Main screen will come, select ‘English’ from left side and ‘English (United States)’, then click on ‘Continue’


6.1.5. On next screen, click on ‘Time & Date’ & then select Asia/Kolkata from map, then click on Done


6.1.6. Now click on ‘INSTALLATION DESTINATION’ & click on disk and then on Done


6.1.7. From summary screen click on ‘Begin Installation’


6.1.8. Then on next screen click on ‘Root Password’ to set root password and then on Done.


6.1.9. Now click on ‘User Creation’ to create new user & then on Done


6.1.10. After process is done, ‘Reboot’ option will show, click on Reboot to restart the system


6.2. Step 2:

Copy vdiclient folder from session_broker folder to /home/vuser/Desktop location and also copy ‘redhat’ folder to /usr/lib/rpm/ folder.

6.3. Step 3:

Change permission of vdiclient folder

# chown vuser:vuser /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient
# chown -R vuser:vuser /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient*

6.4. Step 4:

Install vdiclient by running install.sh

# sh /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient/install.sh

6.5. Step 5:

Create launch.sh file to launch vdi after system is booted.

# vim /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient/launch.sh
        python /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient/enclouden_vdi_client.py
  • Change permission of files
# chmod +x /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient/enclouden_vdi_client.py
# chmod +x /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient/launch.sh

6.6. Step 6

To create startup application for vdiclient.

  • Right Click on screen –> Applications –> Settings –> Session ans startup
  • Application Autostart –> Add
  • Name —- Name of App —-
  • Description —- Description of App —-
  • Command —- Full path of launch.sh —-

6.7. Step 7:

Disable screensaver

  • Right click on screen –> Applications –> Settings –> screensaver
  • Mode –> Disable Screen Saver

6.8. Step 8:

Change power settings

  • Right click on screen –> Settings –> power manager
  • When power button is pressed –> Shutdown

6.9. Step 9:

Change user password

  • Right Click on screen –> Applications –> Administration –> Users and groups
  • Login as root
  • Select ‘vuser’ –> Properties –> delete password –> ok

6.10. Step 10:

Edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

# vim /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
        *under[seat.*] section uncomment following lines*

  • Change wallpaper
    • right click –> Desktop Settings –> Background

6.11. Step 11:

Change IP in config file

  • We have to give cloudIP of machine where vdiclient will take request from.
  • Edit /home/vuser/Desktop/vdiclient/config/app_config.yaml
    • Give CloudIP -
  • Save file and exit

6.12. Step 12:

  • Reboot the thin client machine to take changes.
  • After reboot it should open directly EncloudEn vdiclient GUI

6.13. Step 13:

  • Enter credentials to login to VM